Markers and Moments… Part 2

I remember vividly the first time we went to the beach and I saw the ocean.  I was 10 years old.  The vastness of the sea, the motion and cadence of the waves were mesmerizing.  It made and impression.

That is a marker in life; a moment that makes a lasting impression.  Ask a baby boomer and they will tell you where they were when President Kennedy was assassinated.  We all can remember that terrible moment 17 years ago when planes crashed into buildings  on a sunny Tuesday morning, September 11th 2001.

Tragedies, losses, failures along with joyful moments of weddings and births, successes and accomplishments are markers in life. They cause us to pause, to reflect and consider the breadth of all life is.

In these moments we are rarely alone or in a vacuum. Often the most memorable, the most sacred moments are one we shared with family and friends, with communities and even nations.  A good life is not measured in what we acquire or the cash in our accounts.  There is nothing wrong with setting goals and being productive and prosperous.  But a good life, a fruitful life is more.

I find by taking an inventory every so often of where I am, where I am going and who is with me is the best way to keep me focused and moving in the right direction.  Reflecting on markers and moments and the companions along the way is like a GPS recalculating my route to help me get where I am suppose to be.

We see this in the Abbey Life.  Being a part of a missional community helps us to refresh and renew, gain insight and perspective and prepare themselves for what is next.  The Abbey becomes a partner to help a person become the best they can be.

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